No More Pinpricks! “Miracle Ingredients” Treat Root Cause of Diabetes!

Medical Whistleblower Under Fire For Revealing Scientifically Proven Method To Balance Blood Sugar Levels In Just Days

Hi, my name is David Pearson.

I’m an Epidemiologist with 27 years of experience, researching every diabetic condition under the sun.

And in the next 7 minutes I’m going to “bite the hand” that has fed me for over 30 years…

Spit in the face of the big pharmaceutical companies charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars for overpriced type II diabetes treatments that never cure a damn thing…

Reveal devastating and dangerous secrets the medical industry is terrified you’ll find out…

And reveal to you an astonishing and completely natural way you can get perfect blood sugar balance in just days… no matter how much or what you eat…

All without insulin or deadly prescription drugs and without doing anything more “strenuous” than eating your favorite dinner…

No matter HOW BAD your type II diabetes is now and no matter what’s “wrong” with you… if you’re Type II, have high blood pressure, or neuropathy — literally if you have any diabetic problem at all — no matter how “bad” or hopeless you’ve been told it is.

In fact, if you do what I say just like 260,000 men and women all over the world have done before you…

You’ll Find Yourself Grinning From Ear to Ear like a Lovestruck Teenager as You…

Throw All of Your Test Strips and Your Glucose Monitor in the Trash…

Enjoy All of the Mouth-Watering Foods That You Had to Avoid like the Plague Before…

Save Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars You’ve Been Wasting on Test Strips and Medications…

Enjoy Perfectly Balanced Blood Sugar Levels for The Rest of Your Life, Never Having to Prick Your Finger Again.

Honestly, I can’t wait for you to experience what it’s like…

To actually be able to eat anything you want, without having to worry about thing…

To never have to take unnatural pharmaceutical drugs wondering what scary side effects might strike you.

To never have to feel the annoying pain of constantly pricking your fingers — never again having to pay out the nose of test strips month after month after month.

To never have to worry about your type II diabetes getting worse and worse every year until you’re forced to amputate a limb or end up on your deathbed from complications.

I mean, just imagine what it would be like…

To be able to eat your favorite foods, play with your kids or grandkids and really LIVE your life with absolutely perfect blood sugar levels…

Leaving your family and even your doctor absolutely gobsmacked, wondering how you “turned back the clock” on your type II diabetes…

Who The Heck Am I To Make Such A Huge Promise?

Like I said, my name is David Pearson.

I’m a 54-year-old Epidemiologist — or a former one, anyway.

Now, I’m the crooked medical industry’s enemy number one — because over the last 2 years I’ve stopped sucking at the teat of the abusive medical industry…

And I’ve cut deeply into the $245 BILLION profits of the dangerous pharmaceutical industry — who spend millions every year suppressing just how often their “safe” techniques leave innocent men and women in agonizing pain with severe complications… or even dead.

The REAL statistics are enough to make you swear to never, ever take a prescription drug again.

And I’ve helped 260,000 men and women ranging from 12 to 93 get Balanced Blood Sugar without insulin, Metformin or other drugs

Using a method so simple, you’ll be angry it’s been hidden from you all this time.

After learning this simple method, Darcy Johansen of Raleigh, N. Carolina wrote me to say…

I can’t believe what a big impact using this cocktail has made. My sugar is finally balanced and I’m feeling more energized and my stomach is toned and tighter too.

I’m also noticing my memory is sharper, which is great because as a senior, I worry about mental decline”.

And Aaron Benson of Boise, Idaho writes:

“I can’t believe what a difference this cocktail has made for my sugar levels. I’ve suffered with type II diabetes for quite some time I haven’t had a normal read since 1999 without an insulin shot. Now I’m getting normal readings all the time, and I haven’t taken insulin in months…

Thank you for telling me about this. This changed my life.”

Those are just a few of the HUNDREDS of emails I get every single week.

I hear from people all over the world who are shocked, amazed and a little angry when they discover the simple truth about type II diabetes…

When they learn how you’ve been LIED to again and again by doctors, pharmaceutical companies and even the media.

When they learn about the real reason your type II diabetes has gotten so much WORSE year after year after year — forcing you to raise your prescription again and again until you feel the devastating side effects all over your body.

And when they learn how INSANELY easy it is to restore a special organ absolutely naturally, so you can eat anything you want — even if you’re eating like a rabbit now.

I’m Going to Reveal the Exact “Herbal Cocktail That Will Give You Balanced Blood Glucose Levels Without Insulin or Drugs…

No Matter How Long You’ve Been a Type II Diabetic.

But before I do, I hope you won’t mind if I tell you why this herbal cocktail makes such a big difference in your health…

Why it dramatically alleviates your symptoms — so that you no longer suffer from neuropathy, increased thirst, fatigue. And it does all this while balancing your blood sugar and even combating the appearance of aging.

Well the reason these herbs are able to provide so many dramatic benefits is because…

They target the one single root cause of type II diabetes: a fatty liver.

Now you probably haven’t heard about fatty liver syndrome as it relates to type II diabetes. Because most of the time people are talking to you about the pancreas, not the fat in the liver, as the cause.

But as we’ll prove, it’s actually the fat in the liver — not the pancreas — that’s causing the blood sugar to destabilize.

Dr. Tanya Edwards, director of the prestigious Center for Integrative Medicine was recently quoted as saying:

“Fatty liver is now recognized by the scientific community to be the underlying basis of a significant number of diseases.”

Dr. Peter Libby, a professor at Harvard Medical School, said:

“We’re starting to realize we may have gotten it wrong. That we might have been focusing on the wrong organ. Namely the pancreas over the liver. This is a mistake that it’s critical to correct now before it does any more damage…”

Given the above, I’m assuming you can agree that fatty liver is a big deal.

And if you’re feeling like less than yourself recently — if you’re fatigued, or you’re tired of pricking your finger every day…

If your feet hurt, you feel achy and sore, or your vision is blurred…

For You, Solving the Fatty Liver Problem Is Going to Be An Elixir of Life.

I knew the liver was the key… I just didn’t have anyone to tell who would listen.

The journals wouldn’t publish me, and the medical establishment was of no help.

They’re making too much money off of test strips and amputations to be interested in a solution that works in days to reverse blood sugar level problems.

What I found is revolutionary. And now, with the power of the internet, I’m able to finally get some air time for my discoveries.

My simple contention is that blood sugar levels are a function of the liver. Specifically, a fatty liver.

Therefore, the problem is reversible and can be reversed in just days — because only a small amount of fat needs to be removed from the liver to make all the difference.

You want to see the studies that prove it, don’t you?
Well I won’t disappoint…

First is a study out of the prestigious Magnetic Resonance Centre, in Newcastle University, Campus for Ageing and Vitality.

In this study, they took type 2 diabetics and gave them gastric bypass surgery.

That’s the one where they surgically shrink the stomach, to force patients to eat a low-calorie diet to lose weight.

While this had no effect on their pancreas, it DID indeed clean out their fatty liver.

The study states its results in five words:


Those words should make your heart sing.

It means your insulin sensitivity can go back to normal levels if you make the right choices.

And it only took them DAYS!

You don’t even need to have gastric bypass surgery to accomplish this.

There’s a second study from the same Magnetic Resonance Centre, Institute of Cellular Medicine.

No gastric bypass surgery this time.

In this study, researchers placed 11 people on a diet of 600 calories per day.

After just one week of this restricted diet, fasting plasma glucose normalized in the diabetic group (from 165.6 to 106.2 mg/dl)

The researchers concluded that “both beta cell function and insulin sensitivity returned to NORMAL.”

And all it took was a low-calorie diet.

But I’m not even going to ask you to eat less — we found a way around that too.

Again, it only took days…

These studies lead to headlines like this in the British Press:

“Type II Diabetes is a Reversible Condition!”

That’s right. Sugar imbalance is a reversible condition!
Science finally figured out what I’ve known for more than a decade…

The article reads:

“A body of research putting people with Type II diabetes on a low-calorie diet has confirmed the underlying causes of the condition and established that it is reversible.

As insulin controls the normal process of making glucose, the liver then produces too much glucose. Simultaneously, excess fat in the liver increases the normal process of export of fat to all tissues.

The good news for people with Type II diabetes is that our work shows that even if you have had the condition for 10 years, you are likely to be able to reverse it by moving that all-important tiny amount of fat out.”

That’s it!

Just a “tiny amount of fat” is all you need to remove from your liver, and sugar levels go back into balance almost magically.
So how do we get rid of that “little bit of fat” that is behind all our out-of-whack sugar problems…
Do we need gastric bypass surgery? No.
Do we even need to starve ourselves? No.

Because all we really need is to get rid of that tiny bit of fat in the liver — that’s the one that’s causing all the problems…

By God’s grace, Earth provides certain herbs, roots, plants and minerals that are specifically designed to shed the fat — particularly the fat in your liver.

If we put them all together, just wait and see what happens.

And right now, I want to show you the herbs I’m talking about.

The ones that allow your health to make a remarkable and rapid comeback while practically melting away the fat that’s in your liver and other problem areas, and significantly reducing your risk of all forms of disease.

All of them backed by hard science from top Universities and leading research centers…

The first ingredient in this cocktail is…

Schizandrae Chinese Fruit

In a study published in the Bioscience Scientific Journal, researchers found Schizandra to “improve glucose tolerance” and said it “worked as an anti-diabetic prescription.” [1]

The second ingredient is…

Licorice Root Extract

Which, according to the Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, “showed significant blood glucose lowering effects.” [2]

Remember, the reason these herbs work so well is because they target the fatty liver — and when you dig into these studies, they prove exactly that.

Next we have…

Astragalus Root Extract

This was studied at the International Medicine Clinic, where scientists found Astragalus Root caused a “substantial improvement in diabetic nephropathy.” [3]

The next one is powerful…

Wild Yam Root Extract

In a 2015 study from Dalian Medical University, researchers firmly state that Wild Yam Root “should be developed as a new potent drug for treatment of diabetes” [4]

And again, another study that shows it’s a “drug candidate for type II diabetes” [5]

It’s almost unbelievable that this isn’t on the front page of every newspaper in the country.

Every American should know about these lifesaving herbs, and that’s why I’m sharing this with you now.

The fifth ingredient is…

Solomon’s Seal Extract

I bet you didn’t know that this little herb has been proven in two separate studies to “significantly decrease blood glucose levels” [6] [7]

Then there’s…

Mulberry Leaf

Another powerhouse anti-diabetic, shown in studies to “significantly decrease the fasting blood glucose” [8]

Next is …

Lycium Chinense Fruit Extract

Which was proven in multiple, peer-reviewed studies to “significantly reduce blood glucose.” [9] [10]

And here’s the kicker:

They found that Lycium “possesses a potential novel treatment in preventing diet-induced fatty liver.” [11]

And last but not least…

Balloon Flower Root Extract

Which, according to a 2012 study from the Food Research Institute, “decreased triacylglycerol (FAT) storage in the liver, which was associated with improved insulin signaling” [12]

These are just a few of the scientific studies showing the power of these eight herbs that work synergistically to lower blood sugar levels in just days…

Listen, you can go out and buy all these ingredients yourself.

But if you want to get the absolute best results using this cocktail you need to take it in a high-grade, ultra-pure supplement.

Something that also includes the perfect dose of each of these ingredients, and that’s grown naturally and free of pesticides and other toxins.

Fortunately, Getting Access to This Kind of Premium Herbal Supplement Is Now Easy…

Because after more than two years in the lab, ProvenHealth is pleased to announce that we’ve created a breakthrough new formula.

This formula contains the purest and best forms of these ancient herbs in existence. It’s called…

Sugar Balance.

Each capsule contains 800mg of the pure natural herbal blend, the exact same 8 miracle ingredients proven in scientific studies to balance blood sugar levels and clear out the liver.

All the ingredients are in extract form, concentrating the herbs and making them 100x more powerful than taking the whole leaf form.

You should also know that Sugar Balance is manufactured right here in the US, in a facility that follows all GMP and FDA guidelines, and we also have each batch tested by an independent third-party laboratory to ensure that what’s on the label is really inside each capsule.

So, when you add the facts up it should be pretty clear why we believe Sugar Balance is…

The Most Effective and Highest Quality Glucose Regulator Available Today.

The ingredients inside have been proven in countless studies to fight the root cause of high blood sugar: fatty liver.

These ingredients also help to protect you, burn other unwanted fat, and provide powerful anti-aging benefits, too.

In fact, within just a few short days of taking Sugar Balance, you could feel like you’ve been given an entirely new lease on life.

Imagine if your spare tire, your love handles, or any other unwanted body fat just melted away.

Imagine having better digestion.

Imagine being free from chronic aches or joint pain.

Imagine having improved memory.

Imagine looking and feeling younger with healthier skin and hair.

Imagine getting normal results from your glucose meter… again and again and again.

Until normal… becomes normal.

Now stop imagining because…
Those are exactly the kind of things people who use Sugar Balance report…

“Not only is my blood sugar dramatically lowered… I noticed something miraculous. My eyes don’t feel irritated and I actually have moist eyes. I am so thankful.”

Paul Clark

Houston, TX

“…I am a seasoned registered nurse and… my blood sugars are down to the 80’s, numbers I haven’t seen in 15 years! Yeah”

Claudia Price

Denver, CO

“Blood sugar was 213 before I started, 3rd day was 170 and this morning was 122. Amazing results! Please feel free to use the above as a reference.”

Tom Anderson

Southfield, MI

So now let me share exactly how you can join Paul, Claudia and Tom and the more than 260,000 people across the country who are using Sugar Balance every day and who report that they’ve never felt healthier or more energized in their lives.

I know you’re worried about the price. The normal price of Sugar Balance is $149 per bottle.

And while I know that might sound pretty steep, you have to remember that there’s really nothing else like Sugar Balance available on the market today.

The vast majority of anti-diabetic supplements you see for sale online are of questionable quality at best.

Some of them are grown in industrial farms filled with pesticides and other toxins and many also don’t include high-grade herbs used in these studies…

That’s one of the main reasons why Sugar Balance can take months to make and why we’re constantly running out of stock.

You simply don’t get this quality from other supplements and because we’re only sourcing the best and highest quality of ingredient, we’re severely limited in how many batches we can make.

When we do have Sugar Balance in stock it goes extremely fast. And when you think about it, it makes sense…

Because you could spend $400 to buy 10 bottles of some generic, mass-produced supplement and still not get even 10% of the benefits you would get from a single bottle of Sugar Balance.

Plus, given that Sugar Balance is scientifically proven to fight the most expensive disease of our day, chances are high that if you began using Sugar Balance regularly you’ll end up cutting $400 a month or more from your health care costs.

Remember, type II diabetes is the single culprit that is ruining the health of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Which means when you reduce fat in the liver which Sugar balance has shown to do, you’re also eliminating hundreds of other health concerns.

This means a healthier you and less money spent on prescriptions, doctor visits, and health insurance.

So considering you’ll probably save at least $800 of annual health care costs if you get your type II diabetes under control, I really do think $149 per bottle is a fair price for Sugar Balance.

But while that may be the case, I also know that many folks are on a fixed income and that $149 is a lot to ask.

So after much back and forth, Proven Health has agreed to let me give you a special deal on this page only…

This discount will allow you to try a 30-day supply of Sugar Balance for…

Just $69 per bottle.

And that’s just the start.
I understand that burning away fat while balancing sugar isn’t just important to you, it’s vital.

I want to make sure that you never miss a dose, and that you never have to worry about reordering. That’s the best thing you can do for your health.

I want to bulletproof your purchase, so I’ve also created a special discount package plan where you can get 6 bottles of Sugar Balance for just $49 per bottle.

This special discount package is only being offered to you today through this web site as part of our nationwide “Beat Type II Diabetes” campaign.

And only while supplies last.

Plus, you’ll also get free shipping today — which is a $19.99 value right there.

But both the special multi-bottle discount and the free shipping are limited.

When we run out of bottles of Sugar Balance, it can take up to three months before another batch is available.

This is one of the smallest, but most important investments you can make in your health and wellness.

A single bottle of Sugar Balance will start dissolving the liver fat, allowing you to lose weight and have more energy plus reducing other aches and pains, and most importantly balancing your sugar. Three bottles will do the same thing.

And with six bottles of Sugar Balance you’ll have an entire 6 months of protection.

Use Sugar Balance for six months and you could feel like you’re 10 years younger, with a slimmer, healthier body, no more chronic pain — and balanced sugar. A completely new you.

So click the button below right now to choose your package and secure your order.

Plus, when you order Sugar Balance in the next 6 minutes, I’m also going to give you a free digital copy of our popular book…

“The TRUTH About Diabetes”

This bestselling book normally retails for $47, but it’s yours free.

Inside you’ll discover the step-by-step instructions to balance your blood sugar for good.

You’ll get dozens of delicious recipes centered around reducing fatty liver — like creamy chicken noodle soup, mouth-watering roasted chicken, and one of my favorites, shrimp and cauliflower rice.

These recipes were all designed to include numerous superfoods. Plus, they are all very healthy for you and can help you lose weight, making this recipe book a must have.

OK, so at this point you’re probably thinking that all of this sounds really exciting and you’re asking, “how do I get started?”

Just click the yellow button right now and choose the package of Sugar Balance that’s best for you on the next page.

You’ll then go to the secure checkout page where you’ll enter your order details. Within just five business days, you’ll receive your delivery of Sugar Balance right to your front door.

So go ahead and click the button below right now to secure Sugar Balance while there are still bottles in stock.

You should also know that your order of Sugar Balance is covered by our…

6-Month, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

Here’s how it works:

You simply click the button and secure your very own supply of Sugar Balance. Your order will arrive in the next 3—5 business days.

The moment you get it, I want you to tear open that packaging and start using Sugar Balance.

I’m incredibly confident you’ll notice a huge difference once you start taking this premium sugar-balancing supplement. I’m confident that you’ll see your belly flab shrink, your aches disappear, and your glucose meter will start testing at normal levels.

And if you change your mind about Sugar Balance for any reason in the next 6 months, just call or email my award-winning, US-based customer service team, and we’ll immediately refund your full investment with no questions asked.

You don’t even have to return your order. Sugar Balance will be yours to keep as our way of saying thanks.

So in other words, there is absolutely zero risk or reason for hesitation today.

You have a full 180 days to see if Sugar Balance is for you. And if you change your mind, you don’t pay a dime.

But if you’re ready to take advantage of this life-changing offer, you need to act fast.

In addition to only having a limited discounted supply available, we’re also under constant fire from the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Given that type II diabetes has been shown to cause nearly all health concerns and conditions Americans suffer from — including obesity, chronic pain, and even heart disease — these billion-dollar corporations are furious that we’re offering such high-grade Sugar Balance to the public.

As a result, we’re under constant harassment from their lawyers and I simply cannot guarantee how long this offer will remain online.

So go ahead and order your very own supply of Sugar Balance right now by clicking the button below.

You’ll be getting the best possible price on each bottle with an even larger discount when you stock up and secure multiple bottles right now.

Plus, you’ll be getting shipping and handling for free — a $19.99 savings.

You’ll also get the best-selling book “The TRUTH About Diabetes”, that balances sugar and boost fat loss, a $47 value.

It’s one heck of a deal. 100% risk-free. But this promotion is ending, so this is your last chance.

You’ve seen the science behind type II diabetes. You know how it’s the root cause of so many other diseases and conditions and how it could put you in an early grave.

You’ve also seen the science behind Sugar Balance and how these are some of the most powerful sugar balancing ingredients in existence. You’ve seen how they can reverse problems from head to toe.

You’ve seen how these eight ingredients can change your life.

So whether you want to burn away unwanted stomach fat or you simply want to protect your health and feel more energized…

Sugar Balance is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but I hope you’ll make the smart decision by ordering Sugar Balance for yourself and those you love today.

David Pearson

Chief Medical Researcher
Proven Health


No problem. I know that was a lot to take in - and maybe there’s still something on your mind.

So to help you out, let me answer some of the most common questions, so you can make your investment in Sugar Balance today with total confidence.

How can the ultra-potent Sugar Balance get to the root of type II diabetes so easily?

The answer is actually pretty simple. You see, according to your doctor and other health experts, the root cause of type 2 diabetes is a poor functioning pancreas.

Yet the newest research shows they are wrong!

The latest research shows it’s actually fatty LIVER that causes blood sugar imbalance. And that’s good news. Because clearing a fatty liver is even easier than restoring your pancreas.

In fact, there is only a little bit of fat that needs to be removed from the liver so it will start functioning like normal again.

Sugar Balance is designed to clear that fat. And that’s why it works so well.

What makes Sugar Balance different than the other supplements out there?

That’s a great question and the answer is, quite a lot.

For one thing, many supplements you find at the grocery store are made in China with ingredients of unknown quality.

In addition, many other blood sugar supplements use whole-leaf herbs. We only use extracts, which are 10-100x more concentrated.

This increases Sugar Balance’s effectiveness dramatically.

Now compare those supplements to Sugar Balance, which contains the purest, best form of the natural ancient herbs available anywhere.

Plus, each capsule of Sugar Balance is filled with the exact same ingredients found in the studies. We never add any fillers.

There isn’t much competition for something like Sugar Balance — nobody cared enough to think of it.

But as Sugar Balance becomes more popular, imitators will come. Don’t be fooled by their fancy websites and lower prices. There really is no competition.

We here at Proven Health VOW to be the provider of the world’s highest quality ingredients. We put your health as our #1 priority and because we must be the best…our prices are what they are…

And they will be where they need to be so long as you are getting what’s best for your health.

How long will this offer be available for?

That’s a good question but the answer is complicated.

For one thing, because the cost to source such pure extracts for Sugar Balance is quite high, we only have limited amounts of discounted supply in stock.

Remember, normally Sugar Balance is $149 per bottle.

But through this web page you can get it for just $69 per bottle while supplies last — and just $49 per bottle when you stock up on six bottles.

Besides supplies being limited, however, there’s also the threat that big medicine’s multi-million-dollar lawyers shut us down.

We’ll certainly fight them as long as we can.

But given that Sugar Balance balances blood sugar — which is at the root of a whole litany of health concerns — the medical corporations are desperate to get this page removed from the internet fast.

What can you tell me about the guarantee?

Again, as I mentioned it’s a full 6-month, 100% money-back guarantee. This means if you change your mind about your investment for any reason in the next 180 days, just call or email our US-based customer service team and we will immediately refund your order with no questions asked. In other words, there is no risk whatsoever.

What else should I know about Sugar Balance?

Each bottle of Sugar Balance is made right here in the United States in a state-of-the-art facility that follows all GMP guidelines.

We also have each batch tested by an independent third-party laboratory ensuring the purity of our ingredients, and ensuring that what you see on the label is exactly what’s inside each capsule.

Ok, I’m ready to order. What do I need to do?

Simply click the big, shiny button below.

Choose your discounted package on the next page.

You’ll then go to our secure order page, where you’ll enter your shipping details. In three to five business days, Sugar Balance will be at your front door.

Shipping and handling are 100% free — a $19.99 savings.

Your investment today also includes a free copy of our wildly popular book “The TRUTH About Diabetes, which is an additional $47 value.

But it’s more than just the savings that you’ll get today…

I want you to think for a moment about all the things you would do with the added years to your life…

Is it seeing a grandchild get married?

Is it tennis with friends?

Is it more nights of romance with your spouse?

When you have that clear in your mind, I want you to take action on the only thing that can get you there…

Sugar Balance.

So go ahead and order Sugar Balance now at a huge savings, and we look forward to hearing about your experience with this premium diabetic supplement.

Choose Your Sugar Balance Package Now, While Supplies Last!

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